Slenderman is one of the most dangerous killers in the game, and is probably the main enemy, as well.

He spawns in the Slender Cage, a small box located in the Large Corridor in Classic Mode. The Slender Cage is directly opposite the Main Corridor.

The "Slender Cage" is easily identified by the dying default avatar in 2008 laying in front of the cage's door. The avatar warns the player to not open the door, as Slenderman may be unmistakably behind it.


Slenderman, although fairly slow, is rather nimble and can round corners easily. He also covers a good amount of ground in a decent amount of time.

Upon touching a player, he instantly kills them. On top of this, the player is sometimes greeted to a mini-jumpscare of a closeup of his face. And if the player is close to Slender for too much time, Slenderman will attack and kill the player with its tentacles and has the special ability to grasp a player with its tentacles, although this is easy to avoid it will leave slenderman stuck for a few seconds  

Slenderman may go in Stealth Mode if left for a long amount of time, this will make him slower, but much harder to see.  


If Slenderman is chasing you, try to hide behind something. Try to close the door as you walk past if your not in Killer Mode, and wait for Slenderman to attack another player. 

The Code can appear in Slenderman's cage ceiling, in an older version of the Game, the code would always be there.

In classic mode, do not linger too long after opening the Slender cage, for he can teleport and kill you without you knowing he is there.

In Killer Mode Slenderman's tentacles can clip through doors; use this to your advantage.

Original AppearancesEdit

Slenderman is from the horror games Slender: The Eight Pages, along with Slender: The Arrival. The original source was a creepypasta photo with Slenderman in the background. Find it here

Notes Edit

You may hear different music as you approach slenderman, this can be effective when you can hear it, you are close to him.

History Edit

  • v13.0 Fixed Glitch where the tentacles won’t fade in killer mode

Gallery Edit


Slenderman's icon in Killer mode

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