Description Edit

The M14 is one of the hidden guns in area 51. It was the First gun to be released. It has Average Damage, and is quite near the pack-a-punch, Spawning in the Medical room. Which means you don't have to travel very far to upgrade it. It is sometimes referred to as the 'Harpoon' or 'Shotgun'.

Damage Edit

While it doesn't shoot that rapidly, Its Great for classic mode. Although it doesn't have a special ability, it isn't very Effective for killers like Sonic.exe. It is very helpful for taking down Slenderman because he is so tall, he is very easy to hit.

How to Obtain Edit

To get this gun, you'll first need to go down the Long Hall, Located near Sonic's Nursery, you should see a medical room at the end, but be careful there might be a killer inside waiting such as Scream. Look right as you enter, you have found the M14!

Trivia Edit

It was the very first gun in the game along with MP5K and Ray Gun.

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