"Become a killer and kill the survivors and vice-versa!"

Killer Mode is a team death match mode, there are two teams, Killers and Survivors. Both teams must fight against each other for 10 minutes and then they both switch, you cannot choose which team you are on, as it is picked at random. Killers are usually better at killing survivors.

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A player as Slenderman in Killer Mode

Killer Choice Edit

Killer choice is a special Gamepads that can be purchased in the shop for 20 Robux, with it, the player is allowed to pick the killer they become whenever they die, even if there is already that killer roaming the area.


Killer choice

Tips Edit

> Especially Tails Doll, as this killer can sometimes blind players by dealing damage or getting close.

  • To become more powerful killers, keep resetting your character.
    Killers In area 51 Wiki(2)

    Killer Board

Killer Board Edit

The Killer Board is a vital aspect of Killer Mode, it is shown by clicking the right of your screen (A small white button) and shows all the kills currently in the server, which can be helpful if you are trying to keep track of a specific players' kills, or be aware which killer a player is.

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