Jeff The Killer is one of the killers in Area 51, arguably the most famous as well. He spawns in the Cargo Area, where the SVD is. He Is the only killer that can be killed by Jane The Killer. In one of the game banners, he is fighting with Jason Voorhees.

Behavior Edit

Jeff's speed is moderate, however his damage can prove a threat to new players who are not sprinting as he does a considerable amount of damage. Especially on Extreme Classic Mode.

Tips Edit

This strategy can also be used for most killers, simply run to a door and close it quickly, if not in killer mode, Jeff will be unable to open it or, try to trap him in a room with no escape to get rid of him.

Trivia Edit

When Jeff dies, or touches a wall You can hear his knife scraping very rapidly, this also true for Granny and her bat.

History Edit

  • v4.0 Slashing Knife Added
  • v1.0 Introduced

Gallery Edit

Jeff headshot

Jeff the killer's icon in Killer mode

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