Jason Voorhees is a Slow killer that spawns in the Mineshaft area along with Pennywise that spawns in the kitchen. Without his chainsaw he does average damage. In one of the game banners, he is slicing at Jeff the Killer with it.

Attack Edit

While he moves slow and hits hard. He is relatively easy to pick off especially with a weapon like the Ray Gun Can make a short work of him.

Tips Edit

  • Do not let Jason get too close to you, as he does a considerable amount of damage

Bugs Edit

In The Friday the 13th Movie series Jason does not have a Chainsaw; he has a machete.

Original Appearances Edit

The Friday the 13th Movie Series as well as the Friday the 13th The game.

History Edit

  • v13.0 Machete added

Gallery Edit


Jason's icon in Killer mode

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