Extreme Classic Mode is one of the 5 modes in Survive and Kill The Killers in Area 51, being the 4th mode made. The map is notably darker than Classic Mode and contains new mechanics.

This Gamemode can be extremely difficult, even if the player has a considerable level of skill, as every Killer has increased Speed and Damage. Killers also have 3 times as much health in this mode, meaning they cannot be killed in one shot like it's counterpart. The biggest change in this mode, however, is the map is much darker, so the player must use light-emitting items such as the Flashlight and the Zombie Morph.

Strategies Edit

The Zombie Morph provides a decent amount of light and is good to use whenever possible, so equip it before heading down.

  • Use the Alternate Entrances

The starting point can get swarmed with killers very easily, and since you can't shoot what your fighting, its a good idea to not enter from the main spawn, You can use either entrance, however Alternate Entrance 2 is arguably the best choice, so the player just has to worry about Jason Vorhees and passing him to get the Ray Gun.

  • Don't open pointless rooms

Many people do this on regular Classic, do not open rooms unless absolutely necessary as you may let the killer out in question.

The Ray Gun does the most damage out of any gun easy to get, do not go for the M1911, as you will let out multiple killers in the process.

  • Return to the Main spawn

Now that you have a gun to defend yourself, you must grab the Headlamp sitting on the desk, it doesn't matter if you take a risk of death, as the headlamp provides the most light in the whole of Area 51 and doesn't require for you to hold it.

Tips Edit

  • Bring friends along with you to increase your visibility
  • Avoid killers such as Freddy Krueger and The Rake which have a high ranges.
  • Obtaining the Pack-A-Punch M1911 early can be useful if you are trying to find other guns.
  • Avoid small rooms.
  • Wear the Zombie Morph, equip the Headlamp (Found on entrance to the left) or use both to increase your visibility.
  • Memorize the map in the original Classic Mode, so you know where to go.
  • Continually shoot the AWP, to get extra vision.

Trivia Edit

  • This is considered the hardest mode out of the 5 modes.
  • Tails Doll (test server only) can go through walls.
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