"Survive endless waves of killers !"
Endless Survival Mode is a mode in which a group of 1-4 players survive endless waves of killers. It attempts to recreate the zombie mode mechanism of the Call of Duty series, but with killers. It is without a doubt the hardest mode in the whole game. As waves progress killers become faster and do more damage, forcing you to buy better weapons from the walls or the Mystery Box. there is no limit to how many waves there is so you could go up to wave 1000 if you really tried.

Protecting yourself and your teammates.Edit

As you and your friends gather more points, you can buy more of area 51, unlocking new guns areas etc. It is important to note that most of the rooms you unlock there are new Barricades, which the monsters come through. As waves progress the faster enemies break through the barricades. You can rebuild these barricades by clicking on the wooden planks when they break, this also awards you 10 points and help's you kill killers easier.


It is recommended to have a four player party with endless survival and possibly voice chat so you can tell your friends when you are down or have found a new gun; there will be no time to chat when the killers attack! Be sure to note: that as many players as you have, the difficulty increases e.g. 1 player= Difficulty: Easy. 4 players= Difficulty: Hard.

Guide Edit

For a full guide, click here
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