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The Desert Eagle (Also known as the Deagle) is a powerful weapon that can appear in Endless Survival Mode. It is one of the few weapons that can only be obtained through the Mystery Box, and does not appear around the Map. However this weapon can be found in Area 51 Storming, hidden in the truck. (The Leader doesn't mention about any guns being found in the truck, so once you see the truck, go there quickly.)

Notes Edit

  • It appears to be a more powerful version of the M1911, albeit with slower reload speed.
  • Getting this weapon early in Area 51 Storming can be very useful.

Trivia Edit

  • The Desert Eagle is a pistol in the real world and also a gun in The popular Black Ops series, as well as many other weapons in the game.

History Edit

  • v9.0 Introduced
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