"Survive and kill the killers with other players !"

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A player facing a pack of killers in Classic Mode

Classic Mode is one of the most played modes in the game, also being the first, it is the most popular and arguably one of the easiest. As killers are slower and do much less damage in this mode.

Killer Behavior Edit

Killers in this mode are much smarter than most in Killer Mode as they are all scripted with a Pathfinder effect, which means they can travel from room to room without crashing into walls, and they'll know where each player is even if you are far away from them. They also activate their 'Special Abilities' when they are close to the player, dealing massive damage. Killers also commonly travel in Packs, making them much more powerful in terms of projectiles. It's also important to note that killers only have very low health so it will be much easier to kill them.

History Edit

  • v1.0 Introduced
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