Description Edit

The Atomic Bomb is an object found in the Radioactive Area. it contains the Atomic Bomb badge, the secret path to the Giant Zombie, and the MP5K. A Zombie will also spawn here.

To get to the Atomic Bomb, you need to enter the area where the Zombie spawns. In the middle, there will be a pillar that you can stand on. From there, you jump, and catch onto a ladder that will bring you to the area.

Alternatively, you can go up the vent in the generator room.


  • Because the Atomic Bomb is part of the Radioactive Area, the player will constantly take damage whilst in the location, but wearing the Zombie Morph negates this damage.
  • The drink gamepass can be substitute however, you’ll have to use your main hand.
  • The secret path to the Boss Chamber will be on the left wall.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite it's name, the Atomic Bomb cannot be detonated. It is merely placed there for a badge, and therefore has no other purpose in the game other than a lore perspective.
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