"Storm Area 51 and attempt to free aliens !"


Area 51 Storming is a special type of game mode in Survive and Kill The Killers, it is based off of the Storm Area 51 memes in 2019, it is currently one of the most challenging modes in the game. When you complete it, it will give you the escape completed badge.

About Edit

The game is about going through Area 51, while the Leader, helps you and the other players escape and not to be killed by the Killers and Soldiers lurking in the Area.

There are 3 types of characters you can be:

If you are using The "you" and "Naruto Runner character", you can pick up guns while the rock thrower can't picked up any weapons, but instead have to use it's own rock on it's inventory.

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Trivia Edit

  • Despite it's popularity, it had a negative feedback from the community because of it's difficulty and robux for every revive. It is unknown if this will be changed or this gamemode will be removed.
  • The gamemode is almost impossible without the soda or even any gamepass.
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