Were you looking for the Alien Character that appears in Area 51 Storming Mode?

Alien is a secret character that appears in All Modes (with the exception of Storming Mode), It acts in a way similarly to that of Eyeless Jack. Finding or becoming this killer (In Killer Mode) for the first time will grant you a badge: Ultimate Secret of the Area.

Physical Appearance Edit

Alien's appearance is similar to that of a fictional creature known as the Grey Alien. It has a small mouth that is curved slightly and doesn't seems to have a nose or hair. It has long lengthy arms with turquoise squid-like tentacles for hands. He also has no fingers or toes and has 'stumps' for feet.

Behavior Edit

Alien moves the same speed as other killers (with the exception of Sonic.exe's running ability and Slenderman's stealth ability). When Alien is close to a player he will shoot a light green neon projectile, in the game files this is referred to as 'Alien's Acid' the projectile is almost identical to that of Eyeless Jack's, however Alien's is much easier to see, does much more damage and doesn't have a long lasting effect.

Tips Edit

  • Avoid getting too close to Alien as his Acid does a great amount of damage when close to a player, especially on Endless Survival Mode.
  • If he has been released, try to trap him in a room, this will stop Alien from dealing greater damage, this is a difficult strategy however.

Badge Edit


Ultimate Secret of the Area

You get this badge by finding the "Ultimate Secret" of this area... Getting this badge is very hard and shows that you are one of the best player ever.

Find The Alien For the First Time.

Trivia Edit

  • In the room next to Slender Cage, there is a lab, and in it there is an alien inside. The room contains some buttons that don't do anything, the alien in this room will not come to life and the player shouldn't expect it to at any point.
  • Alien can sometimes walk through the Alien Chamber wall without the Player opening it, however this is extremely rare.
  • It's possible for Alien to shoot his Acid 4 times in Ten Seconds in Endless Survival, as proven here at 31:27.

Errors Edit

Alien's arms do not appear to be the same color than his body.

History Edit

  • v4.0 Acid Added
  • v2.0 Introduced

Gallery Edit

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